Hello there! Thiago Castor here.

I am a Brazilian (Yes. I came from a very warm land), a husband, a father and a destination photographer who is absolutely forever in love with my wife, my child and photography. I should mention nature as well, in case you did not take a look at my pictures yet. I love nature and it also inspires my photography.

As far as my memory reaches I have always loved photography, but years ago I decided it was time to give wings to this passion of mine. My love was too big and I needed to take the next step. Whatever would touch my heart, I had to capture in a frame. So I studied light, shapes, I embraced the beauty of feelings, moments, souls and places... then I held them in my photographs. After some years as a self le
arner, I have also improved my knowledge in digital photography taking courses in Stockholm. There I had the opportunity to understand, even deeper different and better techniques.

I started as a landscape photographer, but little by little I incorporated that aspect of my photography into the frames I would capture of people.


But you might wonder: why wedding photography?

Well. L
ife is made of a collection of sublime, unique and ephemeral moments, like the day two souls embrace each other completely. When they vow to commit themselves to a journey together through life (a.k.a their wedding day), how wonderful wouldn't it be if we could just make those moments last forever? Photography has the beauty and the power to capture and eternalise those moments, preserving them the same way, in spite of all the changes that everything else might face throughout the years. 

It is ia privilege and inspiring to follow people and register their stories, feelings, emotions and their very souls in a picture - no matter where they are. It is not merely about taking photos, but to capture everything that makes your story unique and remarkable in precious frames.

That is my ultimate goal. That is the best gift I could ever offer you. Let me prove it to you.